Margaretta Interfaith Cemetery

The  Board of Directors of the Adath Jeshurun Cemetery decided at their last Board Meeting that a portion of the Adath Jeshurun Cemetery will be dedicated to the Margaretta Interfaith Cemetery.  Times have changed since the inception of Adath Jeshurun Cemetery in the early 1900's.  A new need has become apparent in our community and the development of the Margaretta Interfaith Cemetery is to insure that Jewish members of our community are able to a have a resting place where they can be buried with their spouses, children and extended family members. 

We are in the early stages of setting up the new cemetery but we wanted our cemetery family to be aware of this addition to the Cemetery property. More information will be published on our website once we are ready to sell plots.  We hope to fill a need in our community with this project and to keep revenue coming to Adath Jeshurun Cemetery.  For further information please contact Laura Cohen at 412-877-0476.