Special Events: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an important event at Adath Jeshurun Cemetery!
This year we will celebrate on Monday, May 20 at 3pm at the cemetery, located at 4779 Roland Road, Allison Park, PA 15101 (Hampton Township).

Students learn the proper way to salute.

Adath Jeshurun Synagogue was founded in 1916 in the East End of Pittsburgh  primarily immigrants from Eastern Europe whose families fled the Pogroms.  This religious organization is more than 100 years old!

Annually, prior to Memorial Day, Community Day School youth, teachers, parents and Adath Jeshurun Cemetery Board Members come to the Adath Jeshurun Cemetery and respectfully discard the weathered American flags and replace them with crisp new American flags to honor these individuals who unselfishly have given service to our country.

What happens on-site?

Reviewed with the children are rules of respect both to the American flag and to the grave sites of veterans.  It is inspirational to see the enthusiasm of the youth (usually 6-8th graders) as they scroll down the plot graphic and search out the graves of veterans.  There is a certain pride that is evident on the faces of these youth as they proceed through this exercise. They learn the value of a good deed.


Old flags are replaced with crisp new ones.

Added value: the Army Honor Guard generally joins the assembled annually.  Their decorum, explanations of services they perform for veterans that have passed away and the hands-on experiences they provide are impactful.

Army Honor Guard

A living legend from WW II is always tries to make this special event so that he can interface with the CDS students.  This year we are hoping to have a 2 veterans from different combat theatres address the youth.

In 2017, we hope other local veterans attend this event so that they can be recognized and join the group in the above activities and in a special short memorial service, created by a CDS teacher, to honor those who have served our Nation.

If you can attend, please provide an rsvp to (Renee at 412-363-3112).  Please CLICK HERE for driving directions and a map to assist you.